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Pet Loss At Home

In Home Euthanasia

Deciding to euthanize a pet is very difficult and we understand this. If you need to make this decision  for your pet, being aware of the process is important and can help.

Veterinarians take an oath to ease animal suffering and that includes humane euthanasia when it is in an animal’s best interest. We take this very seriously, and as hard as it is, we see it as a gift that we can give to our patients who are sometimes young but mostly old, diseased, and in pain.  It is a way we can ensure a peaceful passing from this world, which animals deserve in a loving way. Throughout their lives, our pets rely on us to make decisions on their behalf; when it comes to end-of-life choices we should do that with, love, care and compassion.

The process of euthanasia is usually simple and the staff at Pets Vet Mobile Clinic try to make it as peaceful as possible.  Initially, we sedate the pet with injectable pain relief and tranquilizing drugs given into a muscle.  We will hold your pet for this part of the process because animals can become startled by the injection.  There may be some mild discomfort with the injection, but most animals forget it quickly if you love and distract them.  The sedation allows the animal to relax and usually takes about 5-10 minutes to take full effect, and most will be comfortably sedate.

The drug used for euthanasia is called sodium pentobarbital—it is a barbiturate and is given at a high dose into a vein.  It typically stops the heart and breathing within about 30-60 seconds. With the animal already completely sedated and comfortably unaware, it is a gentle and easy transition. Think of it as falling asleep and just not waking up.

After an animal has passed often there can be reflexive muscle movement/twitching, a last big breath, and urination/defecation as the body completely relaxes. These are all very normal processes. The eyes will not usually close after the pet is gone.

Humane euthanasia is a dignified way to pass on… probably how most of us wish we will go—falling asleep surrounded by loved ones.

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